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When should I book my appointment?
I am typically booked about two months in advance, so I always recommend that you book early.  I will, however, always try to squeeze in both maternity and newborn sessions (not exactly something you can go back and do later, right? ;)  But the later you book...the less choice we will have of when to do your session.

When do you recommend having a maternity session done?
I have found that 4-6 weeks before your due date is the best time to do your maternity session.  At this stage, most bellies look nice and pregnant...and most women are still "comfortable" enough to do a session.

When do you recommend photographing newborns?
I highly recommend that you have your new baby photographed within the first 7-10 days.  This is when you can capture those sweet, squishy newborn moments and poses best.  

What should I wear to my session?
Simple is better and less is more.  I will give more detailed recommendations once we have a time set for your session.  And yes...I have the wraps and such that you see on my site.  ;)

I feel so big and uncomfortable, I'm worried I won't like my pictures.
I actually hear this a lot...both for maternity sessions and for portraits with newborns.  Mostly likely, you feel bigger than you really are...I remember, I've been there.  What I always say is, go ahead and have the portraits taken.  If you hate them, don't buy them!  But you can't go back later if you regret missing the moment.  Besides...your job is to be pregnant...my job is to capture your true beauty!

How will I view my photos?
At the time of your session, an ordering appointment will be made for approximately two weeks after your session.  All orders must be paid in full before prints and products are ordered.  Once your initial order is placed, you will receive a limited time online gallery for friends and family to enjoy and place their orders.